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Uphill Challenge 2012 a success for WannaBike

  • 140 bikers participated in the 5rd edition of the Uphill challenge
  • More then 200.000 guilders were raised. The exact amount will be published onze all the sponsor letters have been collected.
  • Sebastiaan Ton our WannaBike instructor and guide has had a great evening. He improved the record by 5 rlaps and managed to do 40 laps in 4 hours.
  • Ellemieke van Beek also had a personal best with 24 laps that earned her 3rd place in the womens ranking.
  • Eline vd Broek was first in the womens category, improving her own record from 2010 by 2 laps. She now managed 29 laps
  • The results of all other WannaBike TClub kids and parents will be published as soon as the official results are available.