Mountainbike tours curacao

Biking on Curacao

When you visit an island in the tropics, exploring it on a mountain bike is probably not the first thing which comes up on your mind.However, Curacao offers great mountain bike trails, for any level.

But why mountain biking on Curacao?

Mountain biking is the perfect way to explore the island. Curacao has a lot more to offer than sun, sea, and beaches! However, the best spots are hard to find without a guide, even with a map. No problem, that’s why WannaBike organizes guided mountain bike tours. With an experienced tour guide, you’ll travel back through the stirring history of the island. We’ll take you to forts, plantations, country estates, mangrove forests and caves along the rugged north coast. You’ll be surprised by the rapid variation and alteration of the landscape.

You’ll discover that this island is much more than dry, bare rock, or according to the Spanish an “ Isla Inutile”. We only ride during the early morning or in the late afternoon.

Curacao Outdoors: Curacao has more to offer than just beaches and diving!