Mountainbike tours curacao

Area’s and levels

Curacao offers over ten mountain bike areas in which the trails all vary in surrounding, length and steepness. So whether you are a beginner, or ready for the challenge on more technical trails, it’s all out there. Within one area, the tracks also vary in level. There are wonderful larger dirt roads, on which beginners and intermediate will enjoy the ride. But we will also face dirt roads which are more like rocky single trails, with cacti on both sides of you!

Since the mountain bike routes are not always clearly marked it is advisable to book a tour. Also because the guide can tell you a lot about the history, culture and beautiful nature of the area you’re cycling through.


* Jan Thiel Lagoon level 2, 3, 4
* Caracasbay peninsula level 1, 2
* Christoffelpark level 4
* Boca St.Michiel/Malpais level 3, 4
* Koraal Tabak level 2, 3
* Porto Marie level 3, 4

Level explanation:

1) short and easy trails (beginners, children)
2) longer trails,” mainly of the road” (beginners with of the road experience, intermediate)
3) longer and more technical trails (intermediate)
4) long and/or very technical trails (advanced)

On the next pages you’ll find specific information about each area.

Mountain bike trail maps