Kids Club curacao


Group Division
We train with five different groups. Group 5 focuses on how to use the mountain bike in different situations in a playful manner.  Besides the elements of play and the cycling technique the sporty performance becomes more important in group 3 and 4. The children from these groups do often participate in competitions. The groups 1 and 2 are even more focused on races so there is more attention to condition, performance and competition.
The Group Division is, however, no hard format. It depents on what the child is able to and wants to. FUN is always the main issue.



  •   every Thursday afternoon from 15:45-18:00
    – 15:45: gather and warm up|
    – 16:00: central briefing and buddy check
    – 16:10: departure
    – during the training we have a short food break
  • we work with a planning period of a quarter in which the theme of each weekly workout (e.g. curves, brake technique, bike maintenance, condition, race strategy etc.) and the location is listed. Changes in the program  will be sent  by email.
    Period okt-dec 2014


  • The bike should always in be in order, for safety reasons and to avoid problems and delays during the training.
    -before the first time you join us, your bike should be serviced by a bicycle repairman
    -brakes and gears should work well and the tires are inflated at home
    -make sure that the bike is cleaned and checked regularly
  • good bike pants, helmet and gloves
  • inner tubes with slime (self-sealing) or tubeless tires with slime
  • backpack or saddle bag with spare tire
  • large water bottle (750cc) with water or even better sports drink (sugars and salt)
  • sandwich or Granola bar

Our rules

  • be on time and make sure your bike is in order
  • treat one another with respect
  • be aware of other recreational users (hikers, horse back riders, other cyclists)
  • respect nature and stay on the trails
  • don’t leave any rubbish behind