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Sand Riding

It could be just a small section or two on your favorite local loop, but if you don’t have sand-riding skills, you’ll wash out or go flying over the bar.

Here are three techniques that make riding through sand just a day at the beach:

1. Put Your Weight Back

If you put too much weight on the front wheel, it can auger in and launch you over the bar. To avoid a face full of grit, distribute 60 to 80 percent of your weight over the rear wheel. That will allow the front wheel to float through the sand instead of plowing in. To help find the right weight balance, click one or two gears harder than normal, so it’ll be more natural to sit farther back on the saddle.

2. Lose Pressure, Increase Traction

If you know you’ll be riding through the Sahara, run your tyres about 25 percent lower than normal; that’s about 10 psi for a mountain tyre and about 18 to 25 psi for a road tyre. The lower pressure will maximise the amount of tyre in contact with the ground and increase traction.

3. Steer With Your Body

Rely less on turning the bar and braking, and instead use exaggerated body English to direct your bike. For example, to make a right-hand turn, counter-steer by flicking the bar to the left. This will make your front wheel act like a rudder, swinging the rear wheel out and setting most of your weight in the direction of the turn.

picture: Lions Dive & Beach Resort