Mountainbike clinics curacao


Do you recognize this? You finally started mountain biking, bought a new bike or took the one which was not used for some time, but you don’t control it completely? You want to get rid of this insecurity? Or are you more experienced allready but you cannot make it up some steep or technical hills? Subscribe for a clinic at WannaBike!

Hans Baltus is the instructor and a very experienced mountain biker. He has experience as a trainer and coach of teams and competitions he often reaches the podium!


  • explaination bike
  • how to clean and maintain your mountain bike
  • position on mountain bike
  • mountain biking in groups
  • brake technique
  • how to use gear
  • climbing
  • downhill
  • different techniques on asphalt and dirt roads
  • preparation for races

1 = beginner, bike experience, but not on a mountain bike
2 = intermediate, some mountain bike experience
3 = more experience, but too little on technical trails and hills, such as the World Cup trail.

Day time

Saturday and Sunday mornings

Price Clinic of 4 lessons
3-6 persons
No own bike: Naf 85,- per lesson, Naf 340,- package of four lessons
Own bike: Naf 65-, per lesson, Naf 260-, package of four lessons

Price includes
(Mountain bike)
Entrance all areas
the “Mountain Bike Handboek” (mountainbike guide of Curacao with maps)

Take with you
Good profile sportshoes or
SPD shoes if you have them

Instructor Hans with the clinic participants: time for FUN