Mountainbike clinics curacao

Clients Feedback

Clinic evaluations August/September 2014: 


“The  WannaBike clinic gave me a lot more insight into cycling technique. Especially with my least favorite part, climbing, I improved a lot. Hills which I previously couldn’t do, I’ll do them almost laughing now. And the descent, which I thought I had it under control, is a lot more convincing.
WannaBike and especially Hans giant thanks! ”
Marjolein Elgersma, August 2014

Clinic November 2012:

Jeannette Vennix (overall grade on the clinic: 8): “It was a great and educational clinic, I enjoyed it very much!. My main purpose was to learn how to swift the gear. I did learn that, although I still have to think about it. By practicing this more often it will become routine. The climbing and downhilling, was paid a lot of attention to. Hans teaches very well and anticipates on possible danger I liked that very much even though it scared me at times . But that was more being scared of the unknown, in the end it was nothing to be scared about”.

Clinic september 2012:

Yvon Duin (overall grade on the clinic: 8): “I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot. The clinic got me excited about mountainbiking and I am therefore looking for my own bike now”.

Albert Swarts (overall grade on the clinic: 8): “I liked the overall program of the clinic and enjoyed the training sites very much, as well as the quality of the instructors“.