Mountain bike tour  generally

1) Is it not too hot for biking on Curacao?
We cycle only in the morning until 11.00 hours.  Besides that,  it always blows in Curacao, so the wind can keep you cool. Drink plenty of water!

2) Do you need biking experience?
No, there are tours for all levels from beginner to experienced. If the level differences within a group, we can solve that by alternative routes.
We are very flexible and  because we cycle in small groups it never is a problem.

3) I am an experienced mountain biker,  is Curacao still  interesting?
Yes, we even had a World Cup in 2006 and the race course for the pro’s is a fun challenge! (See www.mtbworldcupcuracao.com)
Furthermore we organize events every weekend and there are three triathlons where you can join. See calendar on www.cyclingcuracao.com

4) Where are we going biking?
There are many interesting areas on Curacao with off road trails for all levels. Easy going or challenging. These areas are interesting  historically and in terms of flora & fauna. We cycle in  Jan Thiel, Koraal Tabak , Porto Mari, Christoffeler Park.
You’ll find the information of these area’s on our site

5) How long does a tour take?
+/- 3 hours including preparations and drinks afterwards

6) Can I be picked up?
Yes, transportation is available for $ 15 per person return for at least three pax

7) How do I book?
By mail or phone to affirm when and how many people you want to come.
Reservation is final as paid. You can leave an envelope for WannaBike at the front desk of your hotel

8) Can I rent a bicycle?
Yes, you can, but only after you’ve been along on a tour. Curacao has no Salzkammergut routes, and it is not safe anywhere. The guide takes you to places you do not find by your self. Moreover, the guide tells about nature, history and culture of Curacao

Cycling experience and fitness and preparation

1) Must be your good mountain biker?
That is not important as long as you’re fit.

2) How  fit should I be?
You can manage if you  sport on a regular base.

3) How do I prepare for the tour?
Drink a lot of water beforehand (at least 1 liter for a morning tour and  2 liters during the day when you go on a afternoon tour.
Have your breakfast but not too heavy, don’ t drink too much alcohol the night before and use sun block.

4) What should I bring?
Your camera, something  to eat.
Bike pants are recommended.


1) What kind of bikes we ride?
Trek 3900, Acera and Alivio Simano adjusted, Tetro brakes  and American Eagle Taos 360 bikes,  Shimano Deore adjusted, v brakes, Judy (Rockshocx) fork

2) Should I bring water?
Is provided (two bottles per bike), but a backpack with water is recommended

3) Do I need a helmet?
Yes it is mandatory and that we provide.

4) Does it make sense to bring my SPD shoes?
Yes, but then please take your own pedals.

Other activities WannaBike

1) What other activities can I do, except for biking?

WannaBike organizes many other specials:

• children’s parties on the bike (kids take their own bike)

• mountain bike clinics for children and adults (every Thursday from 4-6 mountain bike lesson in WannaBikeKidz Club)

• team building events and staff outings for companies and groups.
• There are special tours on location including F & B
For Example: Portomari, Habitat,  Hato-Mansion Acsension, Hato- West Point, Ostrich Farm package on Koraal Tabak (= cycling, jeep tour and lunch, etc.)