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WannaBike Team

WannBike team 2015:

Bert: Tourguide
“I like to guide for Wannabike because it’s nice to meet people from all over the world and show them a piece of Curacao. Our island offers a great variaty both in nature and  history.To see the tired but happy faces after the tour brings me great satisfaction.”

Bas: Instructor Kids Club 
“Heading the Wannabike Kids Club was a great experience. Wannabike Kids Club provides the ideal setting for kids to stay in shape, enjoy and respect nature, team up with friends, have FUN and learn to bike at the same time.”

Claudio: Tourguide
“It is fulfilling to see a smile on every face while enjoying all our adventurous bike rides. I enjoy telling about Curacao history and like to share my knowledge about our beautiful nature very much.I love my bike life yeah.”

Hans: Tourguide advanced tours & Clinic instructor
“Being an instructor for new enthousiastic mountainbikers is very nice to do. To see that unexperienced riders quickly improve their skills during the clinics is very satisfactory. Learning by doing, with a lot of fun is what you get when you join the clinic.”

Renee: Tourguide
“Every single tour is an adventure and surprise!. Never a dull moment! Language, level, weather and even the colors of the Flamingo’s are different each tour! I love to ride and can’t imagine a job which is more FUN!”

Thomas: Tourguide
“It’s unique and thrilling, for guests to meet the real Curaçao, for me to really meet te world! Mountainbiking itself is only just the start, happy and amazed guests are simply the end!”

Sam: Instructor Kids Club
“After 6 years on the island, there is hardly any singlettrack I haven’t discovered yet. but it never gets boring! I am already part of the Kidsclub team for 4 years and I love to see their improvement. What a great feeling to see them beating a hill, which they could not climb before, with a smile on their face!” 

“In 2005 I started as a tourguide, later I became (kids) instructor and content manager of the website as well. Living in Holland now, I’m still working (online) for WannaBike: I like my job but I really do miss the biking on that beautifull island named Curaçao!!”

Emile: Instructor Kids Club & parent
“Biking in Curacao with sun sea and single tracks inspires and empowers! For me it is a great job to teach and coach WannaBike Kids.”

Frank: Tourguide
“I love mountain biking and like to motivate you by showing the many different great trails at any level, from beginner to advanced. Besides that, I like to share our stirring history.  I know the trails; just tell me how fast you want to go! See you at WannaBike!” 

Jasper: Instructor Kids Club
“When you want to escape from the daily busy life in our world, there is nothing better than set your mind free with mountainbiking in curaçao’s beautiful nature. Training our kids in the WannaBike kidsclub in this setting is something I enjoy to the fullest!”

Sue: Tourguide
“I love riding my bike, exploring new trails, pushing my self to the limit and be a perfect host for my guests. Every tour is great fun and really makes me smile the whole day.  Hope to see you soon at one of my tours.”

Vera: former tourguide
Taking the Wannabike customers to the most beautiful places on the island was more a hobby than work. I really enjoyed myself.”

Ellemieke: Managing director & owner
“Already 10 years ago, I created a job out of my hobby and started WannaBike. Reading all the above experiences of my dear colleagues gives me goosebumps!”

WannaBike team 2005